About Me

I have been practicing as a counseling psychotherapist for over 30 years during which time the field has undergone notable changes. While being originally trained in longer term psychotherapy and family therapy, I also trained in shorter term work as well as cognitive behavioral approaches. I have engaged in on-going continuing education throughout my professional life.

I am trilingual and tri-cultural and am familiar with expatriation issues and life transitions including the impact on family, relationships, community and culture.  I also have extensive experience working with clients in employment transition and/or experiencing harassment in the workplace. Often, understanding the company dynamics and culture are paramount to being effective in one’s place of work. Looking at options and whether a client’s talents match well for the position or company is also a key to successful employment.

I believe that in-order for me to offer the highest quality service to my clients, it is important to attend conferences on a regular basis. I was originally trained in the USA and moved to the Netherlands 15 years ago. I have expanded my private practice to the Central London area after becoming aware of the need for ADHD adult services there. I am in constant contact with new developments in the USA and Europe through international conferences and associations. I share the latest developments with clients when appropriate or useful and recommend guided reading.

Do contact me for more information about the services I offer.

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